19 Dining Etiquettes Everyone Should Follow

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Some basic manners are always appreciated and expected by everyone, every place you visit has its own rules to behave because it contributes to more civilized beings. Making a positive impression at both lunch and dinner interviews, as well as in social business settings, requires proper etiquette. When you visit a restaurant, you are supposed to follow some basic dining etiquettes, so Alveloz brings you a complete list of nineteen important rules you should keep in mind when you decide to dine out next time.

Rule Number One:

  • Choose a good restaurant, or if you are invited make sure you bring something like, flowers, gift, wine, or anything you know they like.

Rule Number Two:

  • Place your napkin on your lap after removing it from the table or plate. After you sit down, immediately put your napkin in your lap. Until you’ve done eating, keep your napkin in your lap. Place the napkin on either side of your plate if you need to get up during the meal and expect to return. After you’ve finished eating, put your napkin to the left of your plate on the table.

Rule Number Three:

  • If you’re dining out, wait until the whole table has been served before picking up your fork. Observe the host or hostess at a private dinner and pick up your fork when he or she does. If you’re at a buffet, however, you should begin when there are other people at your table.

Rule Number Four:

  • Dishes should be passed in a counter-clockwise direction at dinners where food is served at the table.

Rule Number Five:

  • Never touch something on the other side of the table. Instead, request that condiments be transferred from the person who is nearest to it. Salt and pepper should be passed in the same line. To lift food from the serving bowl, always use serving utensils rather than your own.
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Rule Number Six:

  • While eating, turn off your phone, it is impolite to talk on your phone or text you’re in the company of others.

Rule Number Seven:

  • Don’t talk, and when you have food in your mouth because it’s gross? Wait until you have swallowed before responding, even though someone asks you a question.

Rule Number Eight:

  • Before adding salt, pepper, or other seasonings, taste your meal. Every other behavior may be considered disrespectful to the host or hostess. If you’re having dinner with a potential boss, you could come off as someone who behaves without knowing the truth.

Rule Number Nine:

  • Never, ever, ever blow on your food. Wait a few minutes for it to cool down if it’s hot.

Rule Number Ten:

  • If you like the meal, compliment the hostess; if you don’t, don’t say anything.

Rule Number Eleven:

  • Maintain a safe distance from the table with your elbows. Place the hand that isn’t being used in your lap.

Rule Number Twelve:

  • Slowly eat and pace yourself so that you finish at the same time as the host or hostess.

Rule Number Thirteen:

  • At the table, avoid burping or making other obnoxious noises.

Rule Number Fourteen:

  • When eating with others, it is acceptable to pour one’s own drink, but it is more polite to offer to pour drinks for the people on either side.

Rule Number Fifteen:

  • If you spill something in a restaurant, ask a waitress for assistance. And if you spill something at a private dinner party in someone’s house, blot the spill and if required, offer to have it professionally cleaned.

Rule Number Sixteen:

  • If you’ve finished eating, leave your utensils on your plate or in your cup. Never use toothpick or dental floss.

Rule Number Seventeen:

  • When you’ve done eating, fold your napkin in half and put it to the left of your plate. You will stand once the host or hostess has indicated that the meal is over. Don’t hurry up to go home after the meal is over, if you have nothing scheduled after dinner, stay for about an hour before saying your goodbyes and thanking the host for the meal. If the event is informal, you may volunteer to help clean up.

Rule Number Eighteen:

  • Always compliment your host or hostess after you have finished eating (you can also give a compliment just after you start eating).

Rule Number Nineteen:

  • There are also some cutlery rules to follow, as seen in the image below.

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