Oxygen Cylinders Delhi All Contact Numbers

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Covid-19 has shaken our world definitely, and to help people who are in need so many individuals, medical centers or private suppliers are going out of their ways for Covid patients. Now, Reliance Industries Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, Indian Oil Corp. Ltd, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd, and JSW Steel Ltd are among the companies that are coming forward to help Covid patients by supplying oxygen to hospitals. Linde India, an industrial gases firm, announced that it has obtained 24 cryogenic containers for the transportation of medical oxygen from international sources in collaboration with Tata Group.

Here is a list from Alveloz of all the resources available. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LIST BELOW WILL BE UPDATED TIMELY SO I RECOMMEND YOU TO KEEP CHECKING FOR THE UPDATED DATA. And Please do not spam the numbers, there is a limited stock of resources please make sure only the ones who really need help gets it. Also call on the number after sometime if the number provided comes switched off, and don’t panic if the stock is over, as the distributors or suppliers are only working for you and will do as much as they can. Please verify at your own end also.

Oxygen Cylinders Availability:

Source 1. Sports365 Oxygen Cylinder Contact Number: 9986966909 / 6304495317 (Ashish Bhiwani)

Source 2. Address: Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. Krushna Market, Lajpat Nagar-1 (as per 28th April)

Source 3. Contact Number: 9911006015 (Crown Air Products)

Source 4. Contact Number: 9971766788 (Mayur Air Products)

Source 5. Contact on WhatsApp Number: 7503427297 (as per 26th April)

Source 6. Contact Number: 8882036300 (as per 26th April)

Source 7. Contact Number: 8826674242 (Multan Air Products)

Source 8. Contact Number: 9815221969 (Orbit Gases)

Source 9. Contact Number: 9810807576 (Vinayak Oxygen)

Source 10. Contact on WhatsApp: 9899700223 (as per 29th April)

Source 11. Contact Number: 9205101601 (as per 29th April)

Source 12. Contact Number: 7701908357 (as per 29th April)

Source 13. Contact Number: 7042309677 (as per 29th April)

Source 14. Contact Number: 8448295163 (Ajay Air Products) (as per 28th April)

Source 15. Contact Number: 9990766644 / 8929034800 (as per 28th April)

Source 16. Contact Number: 9953372717

Source 17. Contact Number: 9810114388 Waseem Gases (as per 28th April)

Source 18. Contact Number: 9871454887 (as per 28th April)


Source 1. Contact Number: 9350109650 (free of cost)

Source 2. Contact Number: 9891139441 (free of cost)

Source 3. Address: J Block, Gurudwara, Rajouri Garden, Delhi (as per 28th April)

Source 4. Contact Number: 8882879757 / 9811620121 (as per 28th April)

Source 5. Contact Number: 9810376333 (as per 28th April)

Source 6. Address: Paramount, Mundka Industrial Area Lane Opposite Metro Pillar Number 557 (as per 28th April)

Source 7. Address: Daryaganj, near Subbarwal Hospital and MC Primary School, Ghas Ki Mansi, Delhi-6 (as per 28th April)

Source 8. Contact Number: 9953977599 (free of cost) (as per 27th April)

Source 9. Contact Number: 9999324994

Source 10. Contact Number: 9560123835

Source 11. Contact Number: 7210051049 (as per 26th April)

Source 12. Contact Number: 9999956745 (as per 26th April)

Source 13. Contact Number: 9810193751 (as per 26th April)

Source 14. Address: Drive Thru O2 Supply, Fateh Diwas Park, Opposite Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden (keep your required documents) (as per 28th April)

Source 15. Contact Number: 8285881571 / 9319469837 (as per 28th April)

Source 16. Contact Number: 9560123835 (refilling will start at 9pm 28th April) Address: Moti Mahal, Netaji Subash Marg, Near Subbarwal hospital, Daryaganj (as per 28th April)

Source 17. Contact Number: 9958872726 (as per 28th April)

Source 18. Address: Gali kasim Khan Balimaran, Old Delhi (free of cost) (as per 29th April)


Source 1. Contact Number: 01123234622 / 01123235145 (Guru Nanak Eye Center) (as per 27th April)

Source 2. Contact Number: 01126052016 / 9310586617

Source 3. Contact Number: 9910588014

Source 4. Contact Number: 917760382236 (as per 27th April)

Home Isolation / Home care:

Source 1. Contact Number: 8962582266 / 9896836142

Source 2. Contact Number: 9899795891 (Home ICU setup) (as per 28th April)

Source 3. Contact Number: 9999824494 / 9999824495

Source 4. Contact Number: 011-42776222 / 8587890986 / 9717273925

Source 5. Contact Number: 8929031006 (as per 28th April)

Source 6. Contact on WhatsApp Number: 0931694402 (Home ICU)

Source 7. Contact Number: 9873642200

Please return your oxygen cylinder and help save more lives.


Source 1. Contact Number: 9808822111


Source 1. Contact Number: 01127781045 / 01127781046 / 01127781047 / 01127787008

Source 2. Contact Number: 01127787008 (Satyawati Harishchand Hospital) (as per 28th April)

Remdesivir Injection Available:

Source 1. Contact Numbers: 011-4-167190 / 011-40566902 / 011-41017774 / 8800300119 / 9310155904 / 9310155905

Fabiflu Available:

Source 1. Contact Number: 9990050055 (Verified between 4:50pm 24/04/21)

Source 2. Contact Number: 9560155556 (Mr. Mohit)

Source 3. Contact Number: 9310353839

Source 4. Contact Number: 9999424949 (as per 28th April)

Favipiravir Drug Available:

Source 1. Contact Number: 8851496214

Source 2.Contact Number: 7011728790 

Source 3. Contact Number: 08800667750 / 18002707755

Bevacizumab Available:

Source 1. Contact Number: 858704696

Source 2. Contact Number: 011-48282727


Source 1. Contact Number: 9650595803 (as per 27th April)

(must have prescription, admission slip, Covid report, and Aadhar card)

Ambulance Free of Cost:

Source 1. Contact Number: +91 9717263888

Source 2. Contact Number: 8595327828

Source 3. Contact Number: 9990008877

Please read to know about leads in more cities.

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