10 Indoor Plants to Purify Air in Your Home.

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If you are here I can tell you love plants as much as I do, Indoor plants take our decoration to the new level plus they are great when you do not have a garden and you still want to feel close to the nature. People in their busy lives do not want to spend so much of time deciding what to plant and how to take care of them later. Indoor plants are the best if you want a beautiful mini garden with fewer efforts as they can grow in low light, less water, and fertilizers, plus they help in air purification and oxygen production.

Add these green friends listed by Alveloz to your house to help purify air by filtering out the everyday pollutants.

  1. Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata) – Hey, don’t worry this is only a name and snake plant got its name because of its thin, upright leaves. Dracaena trifasciata aka Snake plant has different names like mother-in-law’s tongue, Saint George’s sword, and viper’s bowstring hemp, and many other. It is a low maintenance plant which prefers bright light but can survive in low light as well.
  • Can absorb cancer-causing pollutants, including CO2, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.
  • Can absorb and remove harmful toxins, and produces oxygen.
  • Can act as an effective defense against airborne allergies, though in small contribution.

2. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) – It is the most popular house plant in North America. It’s sometimes called devil’s ivy, Golden Pothos, or hunter’s rove. Pothos plants are one of the easiest plants to grow and actually grow on low light.

  • These plants purify the air of formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide while also helping banish odors.
  • Pothos can also help diminish eye irritation after long days of staring at screen which nowadays is important to deal with.
  • It Produces oxygen.
Spider Plant

3. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) – It is commonly used as ornamental house plant. It’s sometimes called spider’s ivy, airplane plant, St. Bernard’s lily, ribbon plant. The spider plant is regarded among the easiest air-purifying plants to grow. They do not need direct sunlight but bright light so they can be kept in a room with big windows.

  • Spider plant helps in removing harmful chemicals from the air, like carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene.
  • The Plant also produces oxygen.
  • Plus, they are pet friendly too.
Peace Lily

4. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – The plant is considered as fortunate plant. But, Attention! The plant needs some attention because you have to keep it moist without over watering it and it has pollens so people with allergies need to think before buying one. But Peace Lily grows beautiful white flowers.

  • It produces oxygen at night when other plants produce it in the day time,
  • and it also promotes restful sleep so you can keep it in your bedroom for the purpose.
Lucky Bamboo

5. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) – As the name explains, the plant is known to bring luck and fortune, power, and honor. The people who grow it for good fortune also place in different directions like East facing to focus on family and South-East to attract wealth. Lucky bamboo is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need direct sunlight making it a good choice for people who do not have green skills.

  • This plant clears away benzene and trichloroethylene.
  • It also helps to restore moisture to the air, which is great for air-conditioned spaces, and produces oxygen as well.
Jade Plant

6. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) – It is a fleshy plant with pink or white flowers. Sometimes also known as lucky plant or money plant. Jade plants are low maintenance plants, they also improve air quality and needs moderate sunshine. They are also considered to bring luck for home. You can hang it at the entrance of your home to make your hanging garden.

Aloe Vera

7. Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis miller) – I don’t think I need to even tell you its benefits, do I? But here you go, It has so many medicinal uses. The plant has a lot of health benefits as it has antioxidants and antibacterial properties, applying or consuming it will improve your skin and hair. And if we talk about its maintenance, Aloe Vera can be your good green companion, because it needs deep watering but not so frequent. And in my opinion if it needs more care then the rest I think you still should go for this one too because the plant comes with great health benefits and you can do some work for your health.

  • This plant emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide.
  • It filters out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, hygiene, and personal care products
Coffee Plant

8. Coffee Plant (Coffea) – For all the coffee lovers out there, this one’s for you. I am not saying you will no longer have to buy coffee from the market because it may not cover you need but you might procure your own coffee beans to roast and brew every once in a while. The plant is beautiful and needs simple care. A coffee plants also needs medium indirect sunlight.

  • It also purifies the air around you.
Wax Begonia

9. Wax Begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum) – They are really beautiful foot long plant that are durable and ever blooming, they bring vibrant blooms to your home and there are more than a thousand species of Begonias. They are also known as bedding begonias and grow very fast and easily. An infusion made by soaking the flowers of Begonia plant in hot water helps to eliminate headaches and rid the body of toxins. The crushed flowers and leaves can also be rubbed directly on the skin to help relieve pain and heal sores or burns. You can also keep the plant in your office area as it changes the whole appearance of where it is kept.

  • Enhances air quality by cleaning out benzene.

10. Hoya (Hoya Carnosa) – It is a flowering plant which is native to Eastern Asia and Australia. It is a common house plant which has a sweet scent of its own and it’s also used in so many beauty products like perfumes, lotions, creams, etc. They are an amazing remover of pollutants in the indoor setup. This low maintenance, non toxic with beautiful flowers and excellent scent plant can enhance the beauty of your home and work place in a short span of time.

  • Ability to remove all five VOCs from the air.
  • Can survive in low light and low temperatures.
  • Has an excellent scent.

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