Truth Behind Vanilla Flavoring

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You must be watching a lot of videos about where does vanilla flavoring come from? Read this article by Alveloz to know the truth behind the vanilla flavoring.

The truth behind vanilla flavoring is that it comes from Vanilla planifolia which is a species of vanilla orchid. Yes, you see it right. Vanilla orchid is a flowering plant genus of about 110 species in the orchid family. One of the most popularly known member of the vanilla orchid family is Vanilla planifolia which is also known as flat-leaved vanilla, and West Indian vanilla. Vanilla planifolias are the primary source of vanilla flavoring that companies use in cosmetics, cakes, cookies, beverages and other food items. But there is one cheaper alternative some companies use, read further to learn more.

The Flower:

Vanilla Planifolia

The flowers are greenish-yellow in color and have a diameter of 5 cm. They only last a day and must be manually pollinated in the morning if fruit is desired. Since the plants are self-fertile, pollination is as simple as moving pollen from the anther to the stigma.

The Fruit:

Only mature plants, which are usually over 10 feet tall, bear fruit. The fruits are pods that are 15–23 cm long, often incorrectly called beans. They resemble tiny bananas on the outside. After about five months, they reach maturity, at which stage they are harvested and cured.

Beaver’s Castoreum: The Cheaper Alternative

A Beaver on ground.

Some people are claiming that it comes from beavers’ anal excretion or from the region between its pelvis and base of the tail. After it trended on Tiktok. And I am afraid… read more

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