What is the meaning of 4/20 And The Story Behind It?

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What is 4/20, 4:20, or 420? It is referred to as cannabis culture day. Cannabis is a group of three plants which has psychoactive (that causes changes in mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, or behavior like alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, etc.) properties, people nowadays also call it weed. Cannabis is also known as Hemp. 4/20 is slang for consuming marijuana and hashish, people smoke especially around 4:20 p.m. People on this day seek an excuse to get high. People from the past years have made so many assumptions on the true story behind celebrating 4/20 which Alveloz has also covered in this article. So read below to know what actually is National weed day or so often called National pot-smoking day and the true story behind it.

So, What Is The Actual Story Behind 4/20?


The history of celebrating 4/20 and that too celebrating typically at a particular time (i.e., 4:20pm) goes back to 1971 when a group of five high school boys from  San Rafael, California, named Mark Gravich, Steve Capper, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and, Dave Reddix used to meet at 4:20 pm for searching an abandoned cannabis crop after their co-curricular activities of the school ended. The gang of five school boys used to call themselves as Waldos that is because they used to hang out outside a wall of the school. Their meeting time was 4:20 p.m. The term “4:20 Louis” was used by the Waldos to refer to this plan. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to locate the crop, the group finally shortened their term to “4:20,” which became a code word for teenagers/ potheads who consumed cannabis. The day is also known as pot head’s day, or pot-smoking day.

Cannabis-Related Protests:

Marijuana Legalization Protest
  • The National Weed Day April 20 soon became an international counterculture holiday, a counterculture is culture where people’s whose beliefs and behavior standards vary significantly from those of mainstream society, and are often diametrically opposed to mainstream cultural norms. It is also an international day for cannabis-related protests and events supporting weed legalization/ liberalization.

The Global Marijuana March: Also called the Million Marijuana March (MMM) is an annual rally that takes place on the first Saturday in May in various locations around the world. It is linked to cannabis-themed activities such as marches, gatherings, protests, raves, concerts, festivals, and attempts at educational outreach. It is a notable event in cannabis culture.

Why People Oppose or Support Weed Legalization?

As of April 2021, seventeen states and the District of Columbia have approved small quantities of marijuana for adult recreational use. But why people oppose or support weed legalization?

  • Supporters of Marijuana legalization point to potential health benefits or argue that it is no more risky than other drugs.
  • They also think that it is not more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Supporters also believe that legalizing marijuana will reduce crime, as the drug dealers will be driven out of business.
  • But for the opponents it is a dangerous drug and give a way to harder drugs.
  • They do not want one more addictive thing to be legalized.
  • Opponents argue that it should not be used for recreational purposes and only for its medicinal properties.

There are some theories people believe in as the story behind 4/20:

  • Now when you have read about the story behind 4/20, read some funny assumption people have made while figuring out about the true story behind celebrating the day. Some people believe that it has something to do with the plant itself as the plant cannabis has around 400 chemical compound but that’s not true as we do not know exactly how many compounds are present in it.
  • Some believe it was named after Bob Marley’s death date, but he died on May 11th. Some speculate that it has something to do with Adolf Hitler’s birthday, his birth date is actually 20th April but why would that be significant?
  • Some stoned individual once said that the best day to grow marijuana is April 20, but that depends entirely on where you’re planting it.
  • Some also believe that the story of 4:20 has to do with the famous American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,”. Because someone probably stoned, was listening to old Bob at some point and discovered that multiplying 12 by 35 equals 420.

Here are some of the songs you would want to listen to, when celebrating 420:

Here is a video for you to watch while you are high and enjoying:

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